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Recent Results We’ve Produced For Our Clients

Have you ever thought, “When my oldest child reaches graduation from high school, I can reduce my child support obligation for the remaining minors I must support?”

Case I — Lake County, Illinois Child Support Reduction/Resolve College Education Expenses

Represented ex-husband/father — Ex-husband/father is an engineer for a Fortune 500 corporation. The parties have two children. The older child graduated from a Chicago north suburban high school in June 2012. Child support was reduced to 20% of his net income. Ex-wife/mother petitioned for college education expense contribution. Each party will pay one-third of the out-of-pocket expense if the child maintains a C+ grade point average for his first year of college. Younger child graduates high school when the older child is scheduled to graduate college. Ex-husband will still have one year of maintenance left to be paid at that time. Each party paid their own fees. — August 2012 heard.

Case V — Cook County, Illinois — North Suburban — Skokie Case

Represented husband — parties married 20 years with four minor children. Husband was to pay unallocated maintenance and child support for eight years. Property divided equally. Wife paid her own fees. Parenting agreement with time father desired. — July 2012 heard.

Do you ever wonder how you will be able to pay for college education if your child’s support is not reduced for your other children?

Case III — Lake County, Illinois Divorce And College Education Expenses

Represented husband/father — Parties divorcing after 22 years of marriage. Husband was to pay maintenance for seven years only. Wife is employed, but husband earns over $200,000 per year to wife’s $50,000. Property divided 50/50 between the parties with significant cash placed into accounts in control of husband for the parties’ college educations. It is unlikely that either party would have to come up with additional money per college.

Do you wonder how some courts decide the amount you should contribute toward college education expenses?

Case XXIII Cook County Chicago Out Of Wedlock

Father was paying one-third of college education expenses and also paying for another child’s college education in a different case. Father earned over $200,000.

How quickly can I get divorced if we are in agreement and grounds are uncontested?

Case IV Cook County, Illinois Divorce

Represented husband — All children grown and the parties divorced after 35 years of marriage. Husband has a professional practice, which was valued. Husband bought out wife’s interest and also paid a lump sum of money for a waiver of maintenance by wife. All personal and real property divided equally, including pensions. Attorneys’ fees paid off the top of the parties’ assets. — August 2012 resolved.

Case XV Cook County, Illinois Chicago Uncontested Divorce

Uncontested divorce with joint parenting agreement and extensive marital property, including teacher pensions and corporate retirement accounts. Parties resolved issues in mediation and came to my office to divorce. Made changes to certain property distribution not understood accurately in mediation. — May 2012 heard.

Case XVII Cook County, Illinois Chicago Divorce

Represented husband/father/school teacher — pension and all property divided 50/50 on a 15-year marriage with two children. Joint custody entered after much acrimony. Waiver of maintenance by both parties. Each party paid their own fees. — May 2012.

Case XIX Lake County, Illinois Divorce

Represented wife — sole custody to her and child support ordered. Case took five weeks to resolve. — August 2012.

Case XXI Cook County, Illinois Skokie Divorce

Represented wife — parties arguing over personal property including automobiles. Wife received property she desired and a divorce was entered over husband’s initial objection.
— April 2012.

Case XIII Cook County, Illinois Chicago Divorce

Case XIV — Cook County, Illinois Chicago Divorce

Represented husband — wife defaulted in divorce — by publication. Wife returned from outside of the United States and was personally served. Failed to appear at the distribution of property hearing. Husband awarded Mercedes automobile and other property in his possession. — July 2012.

Case IX Cook County, Illinois Chicago Joint Parenting Custody Judgment — Divorce

Represented husband/father — parties divided all marital property equally. Both parties barred from maintenance. Three minor children in the residential custody of wife with 32% of husband/father’s net income paid. Case took three weeks to resolve. Each party paid their own fees. — September 2012 to be finalized.

Do oral agreements between parties as to paying child support hold up in court?

Case VII Cook County, Illinois Chicago Post-Decree Divorce

Allegations by ex-husband that wife did not pay child support — counterclaim of ex-wife that represented wife — ex-husband owed her monies for marital residence he was awarded in the divorce and she bought children clothes per an oral agreement. After hearing, court set off $42,000 she owed in support versus clothing ex-wife bought children now emancipated and the monies ex-husband owed ex-wife for her interest in the marital residence. Ex-wife owed $2,000 net and immediately paid same. Each party paid their own fees. — June 2012 heard/decided.

Do you wonder if your lawyer can recover monies sent by your spouse overseas during the breakdown of your marriage or after divorce filed?

Case XI Cook County, Illinois Chicago Divorce Dissipation

Deposition I took of husband disclosed he was sending large sums of money back to his father in Europe during the breakdown of marriage after divorce filed. A pretrial conference led to a 70% and 30% division of marital property in favor of my client, the wife. She was also awarded residential custody of two children, and husband paid most of her fees in excess of $20,000, plus the support of $5,000 per month — Divorce entered in March 2012.

Do you wonder if a judge will order a DNA test to determine if you are the father of a child less than two years old?

Case XII Cook County, Illinois Chicago

Represented father in a paternity case he filed to prove he was the father, obtain a DNA test and pay guideline child support — case resolved within nine months due to wait time for DNA report — case finalized in August 2012.

Do you wonder how courts divide up pensions, IRAs, 401(k) and 403(b) accounts?

Case XIII Cook County, Illinois Chicago Divorce

Case XVIII — Cook County, Illinois Skokie Divorce

Represented husband — extensive partnership interest in automobile business — joint custody of three children — husband only paid 32% of his net income for child support. 50/50 split on property. Waiver of maintenance as wife also earned over $100,000 per year. Each side paid their own fees — February 2012.

Do you wonder if split custody/joint custody can be ordered for your children?

Case VI Cook County, Illinois North Suburban Skokie Case Divorce/Custody

Represented wife/mother — joint and split custody reached between the parties after mediation and before a child representative was to be appointed. No child support to be exchanged. Child was to go to mother’s school district. Parties make comparable income. Each party paid their own attorney’s fees. — September 2012 to be entered.

Case X Cook County, Illinois Chicago Divorce Joint Custody

Represented wife — divided all personal and real property on an equal basis. Joint custody with agreed residence vested in mother. Child support ordered against father who did not want to pay support and quit a job while case ongoing. Attorney’s fees awarded to wife.
— August 2012.

Case XXII McHenry County, Illinois Divorce/Joint Custody

Represented husband/father — parties split marital property evenly — waiver of maintenance — father kept custody of 14-year-old son and mother kept custody of 10-year-old daughter. Each party paid their own fees. — Concluded August 2012.

Do you think it has been enough years for you to ask for an increase in child support?

Case II Lake County, Illinois Child Support Increase

Represented mother/ex-wife — ex-husband had a prior child support obligation for a child from a previous marriage, which had kept child support for his second ex-wife at a minimum. Ex-husband earned over $100,000 per year. Child support significantly increased to 20% of ex-husband’s net income. — July 2012 heard.

Do you wonder what an equitable division of marital property might be in your divorce?

Case XVI Cook County, Illinois Chicago Child Support

Represented father — He has been working sparingly over the course of 18 years and had not paid court-ordered child support. Worked out an easy payment plan with opposing counsel to have all child support paid off within seven years — June 2012.

Case XX Cook County, Illinois Chicago Custody and Child Support

Parenting case —represented mother — she received sole custody and child support. July 2012.

Adoption Cook County

I just finished an adult adoption by a stepfather and the biological mother of a 47-year-old male. — May 2013.

Divorce Cook County

I just completed a divorce with assets in excess of $3 million involving marital home, retirement accounts and savings accounts involving two physicians. — May 2013.

Custody Cook County

I just completed a trial representing a minor child. Custody was awarded jointly to the parties with residential custody to the father. — May 2013.

Guardianship Of Minor Cook County

Obtained guardianship where father consented and biological mother is deceased.