How Arbitration Works

It’s no secret — divorce can be a contentious, lengthy process that is difficult for the entire family. The negative effects of divorce can last a lifetime, impacting the husbands, wives, and children involved. Today, many divorcing couples are considering alternatives to divorce litigation. Arbitration offers couples the chance to settle their divorce matters out of court, in a time-efficient and cost-effective manner.

Chicago arbitration lawyer Van A. Schwab offers arbitration services in Cook County and Lake County, Illinois. Please contact him if both parties are agreeable to arbitration, to set up a hearing to discuss fees and costs.

Many Aspects of Divorce Can Be Resolved in Arbitration

Arbitration refers to a method of dispute resolution involving a third-party arbitrator. Unlike mediation, in arbitration, a judgment on a case can be made. Arbitrations are handled out of court, avoiding many of the lengthy and costly components typically associated with divorce litigation. A decision is drafted in a binding agreement between the parties to be incorporated into a Judgment for Dissolution of Marriage to be presented in court. The parties still appear before the court for approval.

An arbitration will address the many topics of divorce: property division, child support, allocation of parental rights and responsibilities (child custody), and more. Attorney Van Schwab provides legal services as an arbitrator in both Cook County and Lake County. To find out more about the benefits of divorce arbitration, contact our Chicago or Skokie law offices. Few offices offer this service as a means of resolving a divorce.

The Benefits of Arbitration

  • In most cases, arbitration is less expensive than traditional litigation.

  • Arbitration is generally quicker than handling cases in court.

  • Arbitration is private, allowing parties to be heard without a public trial or records but with a binding decision to be approved by the court.

  • Arbitration is an informal process.

  • Divorcing couples get to choose the arbitrator — in traditional litigation, a judge is assigned to a case.

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