Child Support and Spousal Support in High-Income Situations

Child support can be one of the most contentious issues in a divorce or nonmarital relationship. The issue can become even more complex for families of high net worth. Illinois law considers the income of the noncustodial parent when calculating support but not the income of the custodial parent. If the custodial parent is wealthy, that can lead to disputes about how much child support is really necessary.

At The Law Offices of Van A. Schwab, we advocate strongly for our clients and their children. Led by Chicago high-income child support lawyer Van Schwab, we help our clients reach resolutions that are reasonable and that ensure the stability of the child or children involved. We represent custodial and noncustodial parents in high-asset divorces in Illinois. We understand the variables involved and will guide you through the complex process of determining support for wealthy families.

Courts Can Deviate from Illinois Guidelines

Like most states, Illinois has child support guidelines that are supposed to determine how much the noncustodial parent must pay. The guidelines are basically a percentage of income. For example, if you have one child, you would pay 20% of your net income, then 28% for two children, and so on.

When one or both parents have a high income, strict adherence to these guidelines could lead to child support payments that are far beyond what the child’s reasonable needs are. In these cases, courts can deviate from the guidelines and lower the payments, so the custodial parent does not receive a windfall. Our firm represents parents seeking such deviations as well as those opposing them.

Maintaining the Child’s Standard of Living

The idea of child support as a whole is to make sure the child enjoys the same standard of living as he or she did before the parents broke up. Child support must meet basic needs such as food, health care expenses, and shelter. In high net worth situations, child support may also provide for:

  • Private school tuition

  • Tuition of music programs and other types of special programs

  • Vacations, clothing, and other such expenses

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