Reaching Effective Resolutions Through Divorce Mediation

Chicago divorce mediation attorney Van A. Schwab is a certified divorce mediator who is prepared to handle complex property division and problem areas in child custody and visitation disputes. Attorney Schwab’s role in mediation is as a third-party referee who works with both sides to reach a consensus result.

What Is Mediation?

Mediation is a dispute resolution process in which both parties (and their attorneys) bring their disputes to a third-party mediator whose job is to act as an intermediary between the parties, identify potential consensus-building opportunities, and help the parties minimize contention and animosity. A mediator does not give legal advice to the parties or make binding decisions.

The parties split the cost of the mediation. When successful, mediation can be less expensive and less acrimonious than actual litigation. However, when the power situation in a divorce is imbalanced (for any reason: wage earner versus caregiver, absentee father versus full-time mother, for example) between the two parents, the mediation process can be just as expensive, challenging, and labor-intensive as a courtroom trial.

Is Mediation Appropriate for Me?

Before consulting attorney Schwab to mediate your dispute, you should consult your attorney to determine whether the facts and circumstances are present for the possibility of a mediated settlement.

Is Mediation Ever Required?

As a result of Illinois Supreme Court Rule 905, more and more Illinois courts will require mediation in child custody matters. In many cases, two mediation sessions attempting to resolve child custody disputes will be required before a case is allowed to go to trial. Starting Jan. 1, 2007, if there is any dispute in litigated cases over custody or litigation, the parties have to go to mediation. They also have to take a parenting class.

Experienced Chicago divorce attorney Van A. Schwab offers years of experience in traditional child custody litigation, as well as up-to-date training in mediation. Mr. Schwab is a certified family law mediator who conducts mediation sessions with honesty and efficiency. To schedule a consultation regarding divorce mediation, call us.