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Emotions run high during alimony settlements

The Illinois Department of Public Health reports that there were over 30,000 divorces statewide in 2011, so many Illinois residents can certainly sympathize with the difficulties these cases generate. During a divorce proceeding, both parties are often required to address difficult questions regarding alimony modification, asset division and other important issues. Since all of them are so vital to someone's well-being, they can be extremely difficult to resolve. A post-divorce coach shed some light on how she overcame a troubled divorce proceeding.

The basics of equitable distribution

Any Illinois resident who is going through a divorce may benefit from an understanding of how assets are divided. The legal aspects of a divorce settlement can be confusing, especially in a contentious divorce or one involving significant assets, but some basic information can help simplify these matters.

Child custody arrangements are changing

It used to be that moms, whether they worked outside the home or not, got custody of the children in a divorce. However, the latest figures from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics shows that about 70.5 percent of mother's work outside the home. Of that group, 30 percent are the primary breadwinners for the household. This shift is creating new roles for parents and new determinations for primary child custody arrangements. During the 1980s, courts began awarding 50/50 custody arrangements. However, recently, some psychologists and family law courts have begun to favor children having a single primary caregiver. There are steps a working mother can take to ensure a fair custody arrangement.

Some states considering laws to end lifetime alimony

Illinois residents may have mixed feelings about alimony, which was originally created to protect the female partner in a marriage in the event that she and her husband got a divorce. It was supposed to financially compensate her for giving up her earning power to care for the home and children while her husband pursued his career. Essentially, once a man was married, he was considered responsible for his erstwhile spouse until death.

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