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A kid friendly approach to divorce could help ease contentions

Many parents going through divorce in Chicago already know that it won't be easy. For couples with kids though, know the proceedings will be that much more difficult. But in a recent study done by a university professor, research is suggesting that tensions could be eased if both parents take a more kid friendly approach.

According to the survey, participants who maintained a cordial relationship with their ex-spouses had seen improvements in communication, better transitions between households, and a more unified connection to their children.

"Conflict within a marriage or after a divorce is the most harmful thing parents can do for their children's development," says the director of the study. She continued to explain that if children go through the divorce with the parents then they may lose access to one or both parents, which could lead to resentment. This could likely lead to further contentions between parents.

A focus on the child's well-being, however, seemed to improve and strengthen relationships between parents that may not have had one to begin with. Increasing communications through phone, emails and text messages aided in situations where clashes in different parenting styles arose. Parents, who actively avoided arguments in front of their children and did not limit the interactions between the other parent and the child, often had better relationships with their ex-spouses.

In cases of abuse or high levels of conflict, keeping a cordial relationship for the sake of your child's well-being may not be possible. In instances like this, a lawyer knowledgeable in the area of child custody may assist you through the difficult process and help you give your child the well-being they deserve.

Source:, "Focus on Kids Eases Conflict for Divorced Parents," Janice Wood, Aug. 16, 2012

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