If you and your spouse both want a divorce and agree to what post-divorce life will look like, then an uncontested divorce may be the most efficient, inexpensive way to end your marriage. An uncontested divorce is a dissolution of the marriage in which both parties agree on all major issues, including division of the marital property and debts, payment of attorneys’ fees, maintenance, allocation of parental responsibilities, and/or child support.

Filing an Uncontested Divorce

  • We will file a Petition for Dissolution of Marriage on your behalf.

  • Then, we will serve your spouse with the petition and a summons.

  • We will then file a Pro Se appearance on behalf of your spouse.

  • We will arrange a court hearing date.

  • We will prepare a Martial Settlement Agreement for both you and your spouse to sign.

  • After signing, you and your spouse will sign an Uncontested Stipulation allowing us to place your case ahead of all other contested cases and proceeding with the divorce.

  • If both parties reach a settlement agreement that the judge deems fair, an uncontested divorce will be granted.

  • If you and your spouse cannot agree on settlement terms, your divorce is considered contested.


With offices located in Chicago, Skokie, and Libertyville, we handle family law cases in Cook, Lake, and DuPage County. Call our offices to schedule a consultation to learn more about uncontested divorces.

Our offices specialize in making the process quick and easy. A Petition for Dissolution of Marriage will be filed within 48 hours of your consultation. Further, we are typically able to finalize an uncontested divorce in as little as thirty to sixty days (barring a situation in which service by publication* is required). In situations requiring Service of Publication, our offices are typically able to obtain a divorce within seventy-five days of filing.

We will prepare all necessary documentation for you as well as your spouse including a Petition for Dissolution of Marriage, Marital Settlement Agreement, Judgment for Dissolution of Marriage, Stipulation to Hear Uncontested Cause, Pro Se Appearance for your spouse, and any other court-required documents.

* Service by Publication is required when one party is not reachable. To serve the absent party, notice in a public paper is required as a last attempt to notify the other party of divorce proceedings.