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Know Your Rights Regarding Child And Spousal Support

At The Law Offices of Van A. Schwab in Illinois, we empathize with clients who face the emotional and legal challenges of divorce, paternity and child custody disputes. We also recognize that many of these family law matters come with financial ramifications. For instance, a paternity determination often comes with a child support order. Likewise, a divorce often comes with a spousal support order.

Diligently Protecting Your Financial Interests

With more than 40 years of experience, attorney Van A. Schwab knows what it takes to diligently uphold your financial interests throughout the legal process. He and our entire legal team can assist you with:

  • Spousal support: Commonly called alimony, these payments are intended to help the lesser-earning spouse maintain a reasonable standard of living after the divorce. In most cases, the goal is to help the lesser-earning spouse become self-sufficient.
  • Child support: Being required to pay child support is not a punishment. These payments are intended to help cover the cost of your child’s housing, food, clothes, education (including college tuition in some cases) and other expenses.
  • Modifying child support: If your circumstances change significantly, you may be able to change the original child support order. We can help you determine if you qualify.
  • Concerns for high-income clients: High net worth individuals often encounter unique considerations when it comes to support payments. We are well-equipped to address these concerns.

With his extensive experience, Mr. Schwab understands how the Illinois family law courts are likely to view a child support or spousal support petition. He uses this knowledge to pursue the most favorable outcomes possible for his clients.

Learn More Today

To arrange a discounted initial consultation about your financial and legal rights, contact The Law Offices of Van A. Schwab online or call us at 312-702-1745 (in Chicago) or 847-616-2425 (in Skokie, Deerfield or Libertyville). We offer flexible scheduling, and the initial consultation fee will be applied toward your lawyer’s retainer.