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Mistakes to avoid when divorcing

As any Illinois resident who has gone through divorce likely has learned, a divorce proceeding can be overwhelming. Whether involved in a high asset divorce or a split involving a more modest marital estate, it can be easy to make bad decisions when it comes to asset division. Divorce is a complex process. A critical error at any stage may adversely a person's chances for a favorable outcome. Therefore, it is important to understand the common mistakes that are made in divorce and how to avoid them.

The first big mistake is making decisions without first fully understanding all of the options and the consequences of choosing one option over another. It is important for people going through a divorce to do some research and to consult with professionals like attorneys, mediators and financial advisors who can help them become as fully informed as possible. Another common mistake is losing control of the decisions that are made on their behalf. Soon-to-be divorcees should make sure that they are not letting others make decisions for them.

A third mistake is acting out of anger. While many divorcers have good reasons to be angry, it is best to keep the anger out of the courtroom. Acting out of danger puts someone at risk of doing something against their best interests in the long term, though it may feel good in the short term.

A fourth mistake is settling for something less than what the party needs or deserves. A divorcer should have a full understanding of all marital property and debts and a good estimate of what the expenses are and what they need in order to live comfortably. No one should settle for less than they can need or agree to pay more than they can afford. Finally, no one should lose themselves in a divorce. With research, planning and a good divorce attorney for assistance, anyone should be able to avoid these common mistakes.

Source: Huffington Post, "The 5 Worst Mistakes People Make During Divorce", Michelle Rozen, July 24, 2013

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