We Help Protect Your Interests In A Business In Divorce

As a business owner, you poured your energy, your money and your heart into the company you built. Now, you find yourself facing a divorce and perhaps a spouse who is insisting on a large settlement or even part ownership of the company you created. In a situation like this, the advice and representation of an experienced attorney can be invaluable.

The Law Offices of Van A. Schwab provides powerful, intelligent representation for businesspeople in Cook County. Our practice is led by Chicago business owner and divorce attorney Van A. Schwab, who brings more than 40 years of family law experience to each case. He fully understands the complexities involving appreciation and business valuation. He is always prepared to negotiate from a position of strength based on well-researched facts, and he will not hesitate to protect you and your company in court, if needed.

Access To Respected Experts

Attorney Schwab has built a network of reliable experts who regularly assist the firm in making accurate business valuations. It is important to consider taxation and accounting rules as well as the law when preparing to divide business property in a divorce. By working with experts, our firm is well-positioned to evaluate the business, its value and any contributions your spouse may have made to its success.

Accounting For All Types Of Business Assets In An Illinois Divorce

Business owner divorce requires the division of types of property that are not usually present when other parties end their marriages. In addition to dividing the marital home, retirement accounts and vehicles, business owners must also consider:

  • Inventory
  • Trade secrets and intellectual property
  • Business goodwill
  • Appreciation
  • Commercial real estate
  • Business loans and debts

Our firm will guide you through every aspect of your divorce. If you have children, we will make sure they are protected through the favorable allocation of parental rights (child custody), parenting time (visitation) and child support determinations. Our representation for business owners in Illinois is truly comprehensive.

Contact A Skokie Divorce And Business Attorney

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