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Child support dodger arrested in California

A 50-year-old New York father dubbed as America's "Most Wanted" deadbeat parent was arrested in California for more than $1.2 million in unpaid child support. The man allegedly moved as far away as Thailand to avoid making child support payments to his ex-spouses for three children.

The father is accused of underreporting his income and is said to have moved from New York to Florida before going to Thailand in an effort to avoid paying child support for three children born to two ex-wives. This attempted dodge lasted over ten years, taking the suspect halfway across the globe in an effort to avoid making the court-ordered payments.

In this case, the suspect was the number one man on the Office of the Inspector General's "most wanted" list, published on the agency's website. His photograph, possible location and money owed are all included in the information uploaded to the site. The deadbeat dad was arrested at Los Angeles International Airport after he was deported from the Philippines for other charges. The federal government maintains a database on deadbeat parents, but the state of Illinois also has its own "most wanted" list of Illinois fathers and mothers who have not paid child support in a timely manner.

A divorce attorney attempts to reach a settlement agreement for his or her client that will allow for the fair payment of child support. However, some parents may need assistance when the former spouse refuses to pay his or her court-ordered amounts for the support of the children. In many cases, these battles can become long and drawn-out, especially if the ex-spouse flees the state or country, as occurred in this case. A divorce lawyer can help the victims of this type of behavior by filing motions to compel a former spouse to make payments or risk contempt of court, which can include jail time.

Source: Huffington Post, "Child Support Offender, Robert Sand, Arrested In Los Angeles," Dec. 19, 2012

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